Saturday, July 10, 2004

Gretchen Wilson -- The Anti-Shania

Gretchen Wilson is the latest country phenom. This, her debut album, has been number one for 8 weeks. Her outstanding debut success is mostly due to the novelty appeal of her songs, "Redneck Woman" and "Here for the Party"-- both great irreverent high-energy songs.

Her music has an unvarnished authentic feel. The best songs on the CD are the one's she's written herself. These are the rocking, irreverent songs. There are also some covers of ballads and other stuff. I'm not a big country fan, with probably less than 10 CDs to my credit (or lack there of). I like this one because of its immediacy and unvarnished truth. Definitely not the slick production you would get from Shania or Faith. That's a good thing.

Born in '73 of a 16 year old mother, Gretchen grew up among the corn fields and hog farms of Pocahontas, Illinois. Living in trailer homes and working at bars since she was 14, Gretchen's paid her dues. She moved to Nashville in '96 working a bar and singing in a cover band before getting hooked into the local singer/songwriter scene.

Buy it.


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