Monday, July 12, 2004

Raymi the Minx -- Web Goddess

The self professed blogfather (of soul?), Raymi the Minx is a conundrum. She’s wicked funny when she’s not pissed off or seriously depressed. Her writing can be an exercise in abstract expressionism or achingly beautiful.

Raymi, whose real name is Lauren, is an “old soul” – her blog does not seem written by a 21 year old woman, except when she comes across as a twelve year old. I did say conundrum, right? She’s authentic and yet you’re always guessing if everything is for real. She assures her readers it is very real.

She’s been blogging since 1999 and is a highly valued blog. I've been hitting her blog since about 2000. She’s quite a writer and a regular contributor to Rocketpack. My favorite story is Raymi-Hump Monster a delightful story of young innocence, passion and dolls. There is a great story here about how to lose weight. (She had me change out a photo of her because she didn't think she looked skinny enough.)

It won’t take too much exploring of Raymi’s world to discover two things; she’s a beautiful young woman and she likes to take pictures in various stages of undress.

Go visit Raymi’s world.


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