Sunday, July 25, 2004

Scream and Scream Again

I was cruising the NAM:LIVE blog last night. The latest post by Bronxxx is a Drive-By of a girl named Chloe Simone Matheou. She’s the lead singer and guitarist for the band Scream and Scream Again. (And married to Carl Porcaro, lead guitar of the band.)

The band has a post-punk style reminiscent of the Lunachicks that really rocks. They don’t have any CDs burned, but there are some good mp3 tunes worthy of download and enjoyment. Their rock/punk sound is matched by lyrics that are funny, ironic and snarky.

"Money, Movie, Me" features a trance-like guitar intro and then moves into vocals reminiscent of Patty Smith and a rollicking nihilistic anthem on desire, privilege and the eternal dream of something for nothing. Listen here. There's another version here.

"Someone should put me in a movie
Someone should give me some money
Someone should do all things for me
Just for being me

Everyone wants to be famous
I would rather just take the cash"

Keep Your Mouth Shut (xerox girls version) reminds me of Suicidal Tendencies with a female Mike Muir. Chloe sings about her "best friend" who she threatens with revelation of a litany of sins from poor fashion sense to genital warts. Given the this casual hatred, one can only imagine what the best friend's supposed to keep her mouth shut about. Chloe's British accent sounds great in this cut. Listen here.

Finally, we have a lo-fi home recording, "Stalker". This one's a more traditional hard rocker about a woman stalker who's obsessed about a man with "blue eyes, black hair". Listen here.

How knows, they could be the next X?

UPDATE: Welcome visitors from the Scream and Scream Again web site.


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