Friday, August 06, 2004

She's No "Pretty Woman"

She's smart, articulate, and urbane. Her blog is titled Postmodern Courtesan, and in it she describes her observations on life from the perspective of a high class prostitute - to hear her describe it, it's not that unusual a life.

Her blog is erotic with a paradoxical blend of intimacy and anonymity. Her writing is straightforward and matter of fact; she sounds self confident and authentic, comfortable with her life and herself (no inferiority complex here). She describes what its like, how she provides "cover" for her professional life, her personal life -- from the folks, to past lovers. If you have questions, she will answer.

Her blog handle is Olympia, and she provides a fascinating glimpse into her life. I don’t feel voyeuristic reading her – she comes across more like a platonic friend telling you about her semi-secret life. I just wish I had an image (a hand, knee or shoulder) to go with this post.


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